V. K. Amal Raj
Founder & CEO

What we have been witnessing since recent past is a dramatic change in political and economic scenario coupled with an investment and industrial climate that is poised to leap forward resulting in visible and considerable economic growth & development ahead of most nations of the world including that of our great neighbour next door.

Communication of different modes and forms coupled with commitment and continuity and complemented by perfection and quality are essential ingredients to connect and promote B2B in our vibrant economy for growth and success of business, trade and commerce and their profitability.

We, at CommunicAid, with our expertise in the field of communication offer to provide hands on, comprehensive, effective, result oriented, cost effective and timely B2B solutions tailored to individual requirement. Our knowledge of local markets & conditions and our personal touch and customer friendly approach in connecting with right people at right time are bound to bring in desired results including substantial savings in time and cost and further ensure satisfaction and improved profitability.

I am available 24 x 7, both on line and off line, to take a call from any individual, business or corporate customer and offer our services with a personal touch that will make a tangible difference.